2024 Paris Olympics ticket information announced: half of the tickets are less than 50 euros, the minimum is 24 euros and the highest is 950 euros

According to foreign media reports, on July 25th, on the occasion of the two-year countdown to the opening of the Paris Olympic Games, the Paris Olympic Organizing Committee announced the slogan of the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games – “The Olympic Games are more open” (Games Wide Open/Ouvrons grand les Jeux), and some ticketing information for this Olympics. In terms of fares, nearly half of the fares do not exceed 100 euros, the lowest fare is 24 euros (about 166 yuan), and the highest is 950 euros (about 6562 yuan).

According to the plan of the organizing committee, the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games are expected to sell 13 million tickets (10 million Zhang Olympic, 3 million Paralympic Games), of which nearly half of the tickets open to the public will not exceed 50 euros.

Except for the opening and closing ceremonies, tickets for all competitions will range from 24 euros to 950 euros, with the highest tier of 950 euros accounting for less than 0.5% of the total. The highest-tier tickets are for very popular events such as the track and field 100m final and men’s basketball.

The organizing committee said that in order to make the price of Olympic tickets affordable for more people, they have formulated a special pricing plan, hoping to get half of the tickets through 15% of the high-priced tickets. Ticket revenue to provide more low-cost tickets.

The public will be able to register for the ticket lottery from December this year, and by February 2023, the Olympic Committee will start the first lottery for the three events (from 72 euros) and release their sets Tickets, the second lottery will start in May 2023, single tickets will be sold, and Paralympic tickets will be on sale in the fall of 2023.

As for the slogan “The Olympics are more open”, Olympic Organizing Committee Chairman Tony Estanguet interpreted this as: “It is a force that opens people’s hearts and makes people stop viewing differences as It is also a dream, shared by all those who participate in this Olympic Games in different ways, through this Olympic Games, to further strengthen the significance of sports in our social life; at the same time, it is also our common vision, through The Paris Olympics will show the world the best of France, especially her courage, creativity and innovative spirit.”

In addition, the Paris Olympic Organizing Committee also announced the first edition of the Olympic Games schedule on the same day. It will be held from July 24, 2024 (two days before the opening ceremony) to August 11. Among them, the first gold medal of the Olympic Games will be born on July 27. It is still a familiar shooting event, and the specific items are 10 M Air Rifle Hybrid Group.

According to the introduction of the organizing committee, a highlight of this schedule is to pay more attention to the women’s competition, and the last gold medal of many major events will be born in the women’s event. For example, the last final of the table tennis event is tentatively scheduled for the women’s team competition on August 10. This is the first time the table tennis event has ended with a women’s event since it entered the Olympic Games in 1988.

“This is an invitation to the whole world to experience this new passion together. The Paris Olympics are destined to bring exciting new experiences to people.” said in an official statement.

Jiupai News Intern Reporter Liang Xia

[Source: Jiupai News]

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