2023 Netizen Suggestions Solicitation Activity——I would like to say a word to the Governor

I have a word to the governor, and a message goes straight to the provincial government.
Do you have any golden ideas for the high-quality development of Shandong? What new expectations do you have for high-quality life? Do you have any good tricks for high-efficiency social governance? Do you have any good suggestions for high-level government services? Let’s make a suggestion together.
From now until the period of the Shandong Two Sessions in 2023, the website of the People’s Government of Shandong Province (www.shandong.gov.cn) and Dazhong Daily client, Qilu Evening News, Qilu Yidian, Qilu.com, Lightning News and other mainstream media, jointly The 2023 Netizen Suggestions Solicitation Campaign “I Say Something to the Governor” was launched to openly solicit opinions and suggestions from all walks of life on the work of Shandong’s provincial government in the next five years and in 2023.
Each of your comments will be taken seriously. We will carefully sort out your suggestions and transfer them to relevant parties for special research.
Thank you for your support and participation!