2022 National Elderly Health Promotion Week kicks off | Avoid misunderstandings and scientifically prevent knee arthritis

This article is reprinted from: CCTV

CCTV news: This year from July 25th to July 31st is the fourth national “Elderly Health” Awareness Week”, this year’s theme is to improve elderly nutrition and promote elderly health. Various localities have adopted various forms to publicize elderly health service policies and elderly health science knowledge.

In this elderly health care center located in Yanjiao, Sanhe, Hebei, a monthly elderly health lecture is going on, and nutritionists explain health knowledge to the elderly.

Zhejiang develops health care for the elderly in terms of vision function, oral health, nutritional status, cognitive function, and wisdom for the elderly Serve the “Five Actions” to improve the health management level of the elderly. In Xilong Township, Anji County, residents over the age of 65 enjoy physical examination services such as thyroid function and tumor markers in addition to routine physical examination items.

    The family doctor team from Wenjiang District, Chengdu came to the door for more than 1,500 disabled and semi-disabled elderly people over 65 years old in the district Health services are provided free of charge. 77-year-old resident Guo Fuze suffered a cerebral infarction seven years ago. His lower body was paralyzed and he could not take care of himself. Family doctors regularly visited him to conduct health checks and rehabilitation training.

People often say that “the old legs get old first”, the most prominent aging of the legs is the aging of the knee joints. The incidence of knee arthritis in my country is about 8%, and the prevalence of people over 75 years old is 80%.

In the orthopaedic clinic of Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, about 60% of the patients who come to see the clinic are knee arthritis.

The knee joint is the largest and most complex joint in the human body. When we walk on the ground, go up and down stairs, and squat, the knee joint mainly plays a role. Pain in the knee joint usually occurs earlier than in other joints.

Sun Fenglong, Director of the Second Department of Orthopedics, Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University: It has the best At the same time, it also has the best flexibility, so this knee joint is very complex in structure, so this complex organ is often prone to many problems, the most common first sports injury, the first Second, from the perspective of middle-aged and elderly people, its gradual degeneration process is a process of cartilage degeneration and arthritis.

Symptoms of knee arthritis include joint pain, limited joint mobility, joint deformity, joint swelling, and muscle atrophy. The prevalence rate of people over 65 years old is about 50%, and the prevalence rate of people over 75 years old is as high as 80%. In mild patients, there is no significant difference in the incidence between men and women; in severe patients over 60 years old, the incidence of women is higher than that of men.

According to the doctor’s introduction, there are some misunderstandings in the prevention and treatment of knee arthritis patients at present, such as the low consultation rate and low compliance, etc. So how to scientifically prevent and care for the knee joint in daily life? Come and hear what the doctor has to say.

Some patients think that knee arthritis is a minor disease, and they fail to seek medical treatment in time, resulting in more and more serious disease.

The doctor reminded that there is currently no clinical drug that can reverse the pathological changes in patients with knee arthritis. As long as the articular cartilage has not returned to normal, the pain will return and the condition will worsen. Experts remind that incorrect exercise methods will increase the friction and weight-bearing of the joints, aggravating arthritis.

Sun Fenglong, Director of the Second Department of Orthopedics, Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University: The first is Mountain climbing, dancing in the second, punching in the third, these three sports often require the knee joint to be in a semi-flexed state, which will wear and tear the patella joint and the inner and outer sides of the entire joint. It is especially prone to cartilage. damage.

A moderate amount of aerobic exercise, such as walking, swimming, and cycling, can help maintain joint function. Patients with mild knee arthritis should exercise leg muscles.