2021 list of “Shandong employees trustworthy lawyers” announced

In order to give full play to the active role of lawyers in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees and building harmonious labor relations, and guide the majority of lawyers to devote themselves to the cause of employee rights protection, starting from 2021, the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and the Provincial Department of Justice will jointly launch a “Shandong Provincial staff can trust lawyers” tree selection activity. After extensive recommendation, multi-level review, expert review, social publicity and other links, the 2021 “Shandong Province Employee Trustworthy Lawyers” will be produced. The list is now published as follows.

Zhang Huaiguo, Director of Shandong Guolu Law Firm

Luo Fang, Shandong Guangmin Law Firm, attorney

Wang Yanzhao, Shandong Dingli Law Firm, attorney

< p>Liu Jizhu Lawyer of Shandong Tonghe Law Firm

Zhao Yan Lawyer of Shandong Zhongyuan Law Firm

Wei Huaige Director of Shandong Xinchen Law Firm

Huang Jianbo Shandong Director of Jin Haisheng Law Firm

Zhou Fangzheng Lawyer of Shandong Wanqiao Law Firm

Kong Jiao Lawyer of Shandong Chenggong Law Firm

Mei Yuliang Zibo City Zhoucun District Judicial Bureau Public Legal Service Management Section Chief, Legal Aid Lawyer

Xie Hongbing Director of Shandong Luchuan Law Firm

Gong Xuewu Shandong Shuntian (Zaozhuang) Lawyer Lawyer

Lawyer of Jia Lan Shandong Leading Law Firm

Yang Yijie Lawyer of Shandong Gaoge Law Firm

Wang Chunguang Guangrao County Legal Aid Center Legal Aid Lawyer

Director of Wang Xiguo Shandong Chengzheng Qin Law Firm

Guo Zhongjian Director of Shandong Yangzheng Law Firm

Zhang Zhifeng Lawyer of Shandong Sanhe Detong Law Firm

Liu Yunhai Lawyer of Shandong Xitongtong Law Firm

Jiang Xiaofeng Lawyer of Shandong Qiushi Hexin Law Firm

Zhang Rui Lawyer of Shandong Wenyu Law Firm

Song Guodong Director of Shandong Federal Law Firm

Sun Xia, Shandong Shuanghe Law Firm, lawyer

Sun Yan, Shandong Qilu (Jining) Law Firm, lawyer

Li Ruiguo, Shandong Sheng He Law Firm Lawyer

Zhao Hua Shandong Jinfang Law Firm Lawyer

Zheng Shanling Dongping County Legal Aid Center Legal Aid Lawyer

Yang Cuiping Shandong Taishan Lantian Law Firm Lawyer

Song Jianxin, Member of the Party Group, Vice Chairman of the Wendeng District Federation of Trade Unions, Weihai City, Public Lawyer

Lin Rongrong, Shandong Zhongding Law Firm Lawyer

Yang Cheng Shandong Ocean Law Firm Lawyer

Hui Feng Linyi City Federation of Trade Unions Rights Protection Department (Legal Work Department) Minister, Public Lawyer

Xu Qinmeng Shandong Shitan Law Firm Lawyer

Yao Yuan Lawyer Shandong Taimeng Law Firm

Liu Zhenli Shandong Jin Jianguang Law Firm Director

Hao Lihua Shandong Zhongcheng Qingtai (Dezhou) Lawyer Lawyer

< p>Liu Junhua Lawyer of Beijing Jingshi (Liaocheng) Law Firm

Wang Jianjun, Director of Shandong Zonghengjia Law Firm

Director of Zhang Xincun Shandong Xingbo Law Firm

Lawyer of Wang Xing Shandong Guilin Law Firm