20-year-old girl asks her parents for help after getting sick, but suffers from moderate depression because of a sentence

Recently, Xiaoliang, a 20-year-old female college student in Zhengzhou, felt uncomfortable and tired. After telling the parents, I didn’t expect that the family not only did not understand, but felt that she was “doing it”, and directly replied “Are you sick”.

The doctor said that when trabeculae first started, there was some mild depression and physical fatigue. Her family’s words, “Are you sick,” made her mentally stressed. When Xiaoliang went to the hospital by himself to register for a doctor, the doctor diagnosed him as suffering from moderate depression.

“At that time, the emotional problem of the trabeculae was still relatively serious, and it had obviously reached the level of needing drug intervention.” The doctor told reporters. Xiaoliang hopes that the doctor can call his family, thinking that through the doctor’s words, he can make his family believe that he is really sick, rather than performing himself.

When the doctor called to tell her parents about Trabecular’s condition, they got the same response, “Are you sick?” They were reluctant to believe that their child would have a mental illness. “Parents feel uncomfortable about Xiaoliang because the child is doing it himself. It’s not a disease at all. They don’t understand it at all. Parents don’t have this awareness about the care of the child’s psychological state. When the child takes the initiative to ask for help , they do not have a timely and effective support, and do not have an effective response. The effective support of parents is very important for children, and may also become the key to solving the problem.”

The doctor reminds parents: be sure to Pay more attention to your child’s mental health. If you find a problem in your communication with your child, you must pay attention to it, and don’t be afraid of the disease.

At present, the detection rate of depression among adolescents in my country is on the rise with the growth of grades. Stigma and embarrassment to see a doctor are one of the reasons for the low rate of medical treatment for depression. The Ministry of Education has clearly included depression screening into the content of students’ health examinations, established students’ mental health files, assessed students’ mental health status, and paid special attention to students with abnormal evaluation results.

Depression is not a simple “bad mood”

it is a disease

understand and respect , Accompanying depressed patients

protect privacy

encourage them to let go of their concerns

early detection and early treatment

small Friends

When you are unhappy

What do you do to make yourself happy?

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