2 habits that are easily overlooked that are hurting your body

With the development of the times, many young people are obviously young, but they will have some small problems more or less. But in fact, many of these problems are caused by some bad habits in life. Among them, the habits that are most easily ignored but have serious consequences should be Eating too fast and Like eating very hot< /strong>The food these two are used to. What? Do these two habits affect your health? If you don’t believe me, read on below! Meanwhile private message 666 to receive more good benefits~

Some friends often miss “meal time” due to work, study and other reasons, and often eat quickly A little something to save time. It takes half an hour for others to eat a meal, and it takes a few minutes to eat a meal for yourself. This is absolutely not advisable. Often eating too fast will cause the following hazards:

1. It is easy to gain weight

When we eat fast , will cause the body to take in a large amount of food in a short period of time, the brain has no time to send a signal to the stomach that it is full, and can only absorb the food vigorously, so the body will have a tendency to gain weight. According to a survey, people who eat fast are at 4.4 times more likely to gain weight than those who eat at a normal rate when the calories of the food are similar! Does it look scary?

Therefore Qingyangxian thinks, for the sake of our body, we should eat slowly in the future. I would rather spend more time eating than become a fat star. After all, the time to lose weight is much longer than the time to eat.

2, easy to damage the stomach

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Sisters who eat fast, have you ever had this feeling that your stomach will feel a little uncomfortable after eating, that is because Eating too fast affects our digestive system. Consuming a large amount of food in a short period of time can easily increase the digestive stress of the body.

Like some people, their own stomach digestive function is very low, coupled with the fast speed of eating, there is no time to chew food and swallow it whole, it is more prone to indigestion.

3. It is easy to affect food absorption

The food we eat can only interact with digestive enzymes by chewing and swallowing slowly > Fully combined, it can be better decomposed into nutrients that can be easily absorbed by the human body. When we eat too fast, the chewing frequency will be significantly reduced, so it will also affect the nutrient absorption of food to a certain extent, which is not good for our health.

In addition, eating too fast can also easily increase the chance of choking and suffocation. In case a friend at the same table accidentally choked or caught his throat while eating what to do? We can use the Heimlich maneuver, which can even save a choked person’s life at a critical moment.

The Heimlich Maneuver, in plain language, is that you stand or kneel behind the choking cannibal, hold her waist with both hands, make a fist with one hand, and point your fist slightly above the navel, use the other hand Grab a clenched fist and quickly strike her abdomen inward and upward, repeating the strike until the foreign object is flushed out and she can breathe, cough, or speak. So to be safe, let’s eat chew slowly.

Of course, in addition to the habit of eating too fast, like eating hot food, it can also easily affect our body. Some friends like hot pot, hot rice, malatang, and rice noodles very much, especially when they go out to dinner with friends, they prefer these kinds of food, they feel very comfortable after eating, and the stomach is warm, but in fact, Eating too hot, too hot food for a long time can also injury your body.

When we are accustomed to eating too hot food, it will affect our teeth unknowingly. Too hot food can easily irritate the teeth, causing sore and swollen gums.Pain and other problems. Also, overly hot food can easily damage the oral cavity. You must know that the human oral cavity can adapt to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. When the food eaten exceeds this temperature, it is easy to burn the delicate oral mucosa. Oral ulcers like general are often caused by eating too hot food for a long time.

And being used to eating hot food will also affect your taste buds. Some friends who like to eat hot pot, ask yourself, do you feel that your taste is gradually getting heavier? Bingo! is caused by eating hot food. Frequently eating hot food will stimulate the taste buds, degenerate the sense of taste, and the taste will become heavier, and long-term eating of heavy taste is not good for the body.

In addition, too hot food may also burn the esophagus, causing esophageal stricture over time, and eating too fast will also affect stomach health strong>. When eating food that is too hot, it stimulates the normal peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in indigestion. So, for the sake of our health, don’t listen to the advice of “eat while it’s hot”, let the food cool down for a while, it’s better for your health~

Someone wants to say, right? Eating slowly and not eating hot food can avoid the above-mentioned situation, but in fact, it is not good to spend more than an hour eating, and eating too slowly will cause bile to enter the intestine in batches, and fat cannot be digested in time. , causing fat accumulation and obesity, the best time to eat should be 15~20 minutes for breakfast, and half an hour for lunch and dinner.

Eating too fast and liking hot food are two inconspicuous little habits in our life, but in the long run, these two unnoticed habits will also affect our lives. There is this effect, therefore, for our health, we must quit the habit of eating too fast and liking hot food~

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