10M+Recipe|Delicious and studious baby’s home-cooked fried noodles, cures the stomach of picky eaters

There are picky eaters at home who don’t like vegetables (meat), what should I do? Today, Sister Bin will recommend this noodle recipe to everyone – fried noodles with mixed vegetables and chicken. It is nutritious, has vegetables and meat, is fast, delicious and easy to digest. It is suitable for babies over 10 months old. Big babies can make together with their mothers, let’s learn quickly!

(Make sure your baby is not allergic to the ingredients mentioned in the text; no seasonings are added under 1 year old.)

Chow Mein with Chicken and Vegetables

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Nutritionist Reviews:

Chicken is used in this recipe, and parents can also adjust the ingredients in the recipe according to the baby’s preferences. Regarding the baby eating meat, Sister Bin would like to emphasize a few more points with you.

Which meat is more nutritious for babies?

As shown in the table below, each type of meat has its own characteristics, such as beef with the highest protein content, shrimp and scallops with the lowest fat content, small yellow croaker with the lowest cholesterol content, and duck meat with the lowest vitamin A content The highest, scallops have the highest iron and zinc content, and sea shrimps have the highest selenium content. There is no food that occupies the first place in nutrition, so parents can choose according to the needs of the baby. Balanced intake is king.

What should I pay attention to when feeding my baby meat?

1. Every time the baby adds a new meat, parents must carefully observe whether there is an allergic reaction.

2. Do not add spicy seasonings such as chili peppers or too much peppercorns during the production of meat. Less oil and less sugar are the basic principles. If the baby refuses to eat because of the fishy smell, the mother can use ginger, green onion and other ingredients to remove the fishy smell.

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About the author: Wang Bin, a child nutritionist, a registered dietitian in China, a national second-level public nutritionist, and a national senior nutrition lecturer. He is good at combining medicine with modern nutritional knowledge, focusing on the field of maternal and infant nutrition and health, and teaching you how to feed your children scientifically.