【Reminder】The “horse” will start running this Sunday, please keep these points in mind!

The 2022 Shanghai Marathon will kick off at Jinniu Plaza on the Bund this Sunday. The organizing committee consolidated the prevention and control of the epidemic and weaved a safety net for the event. Before entering the arena on the day of the competition, all participants must carry out mandatory inspection management of venue code, Sui Shen code, itinerary card, and nucleic acid test information (“four codes”). They can only enter with a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 24 hours and pass face recognition. field. See ↓

Consolidating epidemic prevention and control
Weaving a safety net for competitions

Before entering the venue on the day of the competition, all participants must carry out mandatory inspection management of the site code, Sui Shen code, itinerary card, and nucleic acid test information (“four codes”), and pass the nucleic acid test negative certificate within 24 hours Admission is only possible after face recognition. The starting point Zhongshan East Road will be marked with blue dots, and social safety maintenance volunteers will be set up to ensure that runners maintain a safe social distance before the start. This year’s race still uses separate guns to start. There are three guns in total. The first gun in the AB area, the second gun in the C area, and the third gun in the DE area will start in batches. The commander waited to run. All contestants must complete a nucleic acid test within 48 hours after the race. Failure to complete the nucleic acid test as required is a violation of the competition rules. In addition to being unable to obtain a race result certificate, they will be banned from participating in any horse racing series within two years. .

In order to effectively organize a dense epidemic prevention and control network, this year’s organizing committee has put forward strict epidemic prevention requirements for event staff. All staff must complete a full course of vaccination before starting work, and those who meet the requirements must also complete enhanced immunization. From 5 days before the game, a nucleic acid test must be carried out every day. On the day of the game, you must have a negative nucleic acid test report within 24 hours before the game, and you can enter the venue after passing the temperature test, identity check, and “four-code” verification.

The safety of runners and the safety of the city requires the joint efforts of everyone. This year, there will be no official viewing seats at the start and end points and along the track. Citizens who want to cheer for their relatives and friends , You can wait in front of the TV on time. Dragon TV and Five-Star Sports will continue to broadcast live this year’s events. Xinhuanet Sports, Tencent Sports, Phoenix.com Sports, Sina Weibo, Shanghai Telecom IPTV and other media will report on the game in the form of live webcast, restoring the grand occasion of the game in an all-round way.

Competition equipment collection
Notes must be kept in mind

< span>Reminders for receiving event equipment

This year’s event
Equipment pick-up time is from November 24th to 26th at the Shanghai International Sourcing Convention and Exhibition Center. Using the online reservation method, all runners must make an appointment to pick up the time through the Shangma APP, and pick up the competition package at staggered peaks. A face recognition process will be set up at the equipment collection site.All participants must meet the requirements not to leave Shanghai within 7 days before receiving the competition equipment (that is, from November 17, 2022), span>And the epidemic prevention requirements of not leaving Shanghai after picking up the items until the match day. When picking up the equipment, you must submit the nucleic acid test report (negative) within 24 hours before picking up the equipment, the itinerary code for not leaving Shanghai after Nov. The certificate number submitted at the time is the same), the full vaccination certificate of the new crown vaccine, and the proof of Shanghai permanent population. The staff will strictly verify the accuracy of all the materials and issue the competition equipment.

Various considerate services
Ensure runners are in the best condition After the race

The organizing committee will send each runner 7 days before the race Reminder text messages, including pre-competition preparation, pre-competition training, collection instructions, epidemic prevention requirements, dietary guidelines, assembly reminders, weather conditions and other information, have become a strong backing for runners to prepare for the race with peace of mind. This year, the Organizing Committee of the Shanghai Marathon will pre-register the face recognition system for runners to the pre-registration stage. From 5:30 on the day of the race, the contestants can gather in different areas, and can quickly enter the venue after being detected by the face recognition + digital sentinel machine. It is also worth mentioning that this year’s participating T-shirts are made of Dri-FIT technology, which can conduct moisture and dry quickly, helping runners stay dry and comfortable during running. On the back of the T-shirt, the slogan “Support you to go on the horse again” appeared, supporting every runner to go on the horse again and get good results.

During the race, on A total of 9 energy supply stations are set up along the track, as well as beverage stations and water/water stations. According to the energy supply needs of the runners during the race, the supply station has set up various supplies. In addition to the salt pills in each runner’s competition bag, the track will provide bananas, small cakes and energy for the runners Glue, etc., also provided chocolate supplements for runners at the 27.5km and 40km supply stations to help runners maintain their race status. There will also be 8 spray stations and 4 ice stations around the track. Contestants can choose to run through the spray stations to cool down or use ice packs filled with crushed ice to cool down directly according to their physical conditions. In order to ensure that the runners finish the race in the best condition, during the preparation process of this year’s event, the organizing committee strengthened the setting of weather plans for low temperature and precipitation. According to the latest weather forecast, the maximum temperature on November 27th will be 20°C and the minimum temperature will be 16°C. It will be cloudy to overcast with short-term light rain.The committee will further optimize the configuration of race guarantees based on the constantly updated weather forecast, and prepare disposable ponchos, ginger tea, cold-proof cloth, changing tents and other materials in the finish area in advance to minimize the impact of weather conditions on runners.

At the end of the race, runners must follow the guidance of the staff to reduce crowd gathering and wear medical surgical masks in due course. The organizing committee will prepare a race finish commemorative T-shirt for each runner who crosses the finish line, and runners who finish the race within 3 hours will also get an extra three-piece windbreaker; the word-of-mouth finishing video will also be kept this year , each runner will be recorded his own race moments, which will become precious memories; runners will be provided with medal engraving services, so that runners can have exclusive medals; “comfortable three-piece set” finishing slippers, finishing towels, The cold blanket is still with the runners this year; there are also Shangma customized masks, fruit corn, small tomatoes, etc. will bring a better finishing experience.

Medal announcement

2022 Shanghai Marathon Finisher Medal

2022 Shanghai Marathon finisher medals announced. This year’s medal is shaped like a rotating three-dimensional harness, which represents the combination of speed, time and space, and implies the start of a new journey for the horse.

The strength of the players is strong
The championship is worth looking forward to

The competition organizing committee has invited More than 30 top runners in China competed with the public runners to experience the unique Shanghai-style Shangma track together. Among them, the men’s specially invited players include: Jia Erenjia, the men’s champion of the 2020 Shanghai Marathon, Guan Yousheng, the domestic men’s champion of the 2018 Shanghai Marathon, and Yang Shaohui, who ran a good score of 02:11:19 in the 2021 Xuzhou Marathon; the women’s specially invited athletes include: Tenth Zhang Xinyan, the champion of women’s 5,000 meters and women’s 3,000 meters obstacle course in the four National Games, and Zhang Deshun, the double champion of women’s 10,000 meters and women’s marathon in the 14th National Games.

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