【Business News】The chest pain center realizes “double detour” for the first time, and builds “life speed” for patients with myocardial infarction

Recently, 64-year-old Du Moumou span>Chest tightness, chest pain, and profuse sweating went to Diantan Health CenterThe hospital’s emergency electrocardiogram showed thatacute inferior wall, extensive anterior wall< span>ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction. Time is life, At the critical moment, health centerreceiving doctors Immediately give “a packet of medicine”chewed, and contact the chest pain center of Tengchong People’s Hospital at the same time, send the electrocardiogram to the chest pain center group, and Transport the patient promptly.


Chest Pain Centers

Contact in time

After checking the electrocardiogram, the cardiologist of the Municipal People’s Hospital immediately communicated with the doctor of the health center to understand the basic condition of the patient, and whether the initial treatment conversation had been conducted with the patient’s family, etc. Pan Zhengsai, Director of Cardiology Department, and Guo Caiqing, Deputy Director After discussion with the surgical team, it was unanimously decided that the patient’s condition was too critical, and there was an emergency surgery guideline, and it was recommended to directly perform a “double detour” to the chest pain center.

11:22 The patient was sent to the Municipal People’s Hospital by ambulance, and the green rescue channel of the “double-circle principle” was implemented to quickly open the blood vessels, that is, “bypass the emergency department and bypass the cardiology ward”. ”, the ambulance took the patient directly to the catheterization lab.

Opening the green rescue channel

is already waiting The long-term cardiology team quickly performed coronary angiography for the patient. The results showed that the proximal segment of the anterior descending artery was occluded, and this was the “culprit vessel” of the patient’s acute myocardial infarction.

Precision Policy

With the consent of the family members, the cardiology team immediately performed PCI on the anterior descending artery lesion, implanted a stent, and reviewed the angiography. The stenosis in the lesion disappeared, the blood flow recovered, the vascular blockage was “opened”, and the patient’s pain symptoms disappeared. It took only 19 minutes from the patient’s arrival at the Municipal People’s Hospital at 11:22 to the opening of the blood vessels at 11:41, which successfully relieved the patient’s life crisis.

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In Surgery

The treatment took 75 minutes from the transfer from Diantan Health Center to the opening of the blocked blood vessel, and the time from the patient’s admission to the hospital to balloon dilation (that is, the chest pain center certification index DtoB) was within 90 minutes ) in only 19 minutes, breaking the record of the shortest DtoB time since the Municipal People’s Hospital launched the interventional cardiac surgery technology. The 19-minute “high speed of life” benefited from the improvement of the hospital’s level of diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute chest pain. Due to timely and effective top-down linkage, information exchange and sharing, and efficient business collaboration, the construction of the chest pain center medical consortium is quite effective.

Chest Pain Center Group

In the future, the construction of a medical consortium in the chest pain center will be promoted at a high level, with continuous optimization of procedures, and with close and efficient collaboration between the hospital and outside the hospital, as well as medical consortium units. Acute myocardial infarction patients will achieve

/span>The proportion of “double bypass” going directly to the catheterization room will continue to increase, and the number of beneficiaries will also increase, the chest pain center has truly become the patron saint in the face of myocardial infarction.

From: Healthy Tengchong